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Anyone who has worked in retail can tell you, it's not always easy to find a customer in the system. They change their surnames, addresses and phone numbers, making finding them time consuming, or impossible.Sometimes they end up with multiple accounts for the same reason, or maybe the POS system was too complicated for the employee to learn all the functions.

 eQuate POS has made customer search and management a breeze. There are no keyboard functions to memorize, and anyone can learn in minutes how to search a customer! It's just as easy to edit a customer too! You don't need to select any special commands or key in any functions- just click on edit and go!

  • Create and search a customer
  • Update a customers personal information
  • Add customer to a group
  • See your customers last transaction and total amount spent in your store
  • Store credit available to customer


Who wouldn't want a POS system that saves time at the register and time in training a new employee? That's why we created eQuate POS- to help make retail a little less stressful! Your employees will thank you, and we're willing to bet they won't be so reluctant to sign up new customers now that they don't have to memorize a list of functions to do so!

About eQuate Point Of Sale

eQuate Point Of Sale (POS) is a point of sale system that can run independently, or synchronized with various online shopping carts (like Virtuemart or Prestashop). Allowing inventory to be combined into one database for store front selling and online selling. It allows your website to be completely synced with your store/warehouse levels. Customers enjoy the ability to see real time stock on your website, and it also prevents back ordering issues, and messy situations. Start a Free Trial today!

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