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Change Quantity

Change quantities on the fly with either manual entry or by a tap click feature.


PIN Login Screen

Choose whether operators must login before processing transactions or not


Automatic Logout Feature

To enhance security, the Point Of Sale terminal will automatically log off an operator after they go idle. Increasing security and accuracy.


Built In Chat

A basic chat is built into each client terminal. Allowing operators between stores to communicate with each other.


Select Customers

Attach customer profiles to orders, and easily filter out amounts customers have spent, what they are buying, and much more.


Filter Transactions

Each client terminal can filter through held, refunded, online, and completed orders right at the check out. Allowing easy access to history and more.


Add Custom Items

Non-inventoried items can be optionally added and sold by the Point Of Sale terminals


After Sale Actions

After a transaction is complete, you can decide whether to log off the operator, start a new sale, or stay on the same transaction.


Change Prices

You can adjust prices on the fly with the edit price option


Quick Find

The Find feature allows you to easily toggle between finding transactions, products, gift cards, coupons, notes and more.


Reprint Receipts

Easily reprint a receipt in a few finger touches.


Return Slips

Print out return slips to attach to merchandise that has been brought back to the store. Enhancing your record keeping on recoverable items.


Order Notes

Attach notes to orders and order items. You can easily search for terms quickly. You can store serial numbers, bar codes, or any additional information within this field and search the terms later.


About eQuate Point Of Sale

eQuate Point Of Sale (POS) is a point of sale system that can run independently, or synchronized with various online shopping carts (like Virtuemart or Prestashop). Allowing inventory to be combined into one database for store front selling and online selling. It allows your website to be completely synced with your store/warehouse levels. Customers enjoy the ability to see real time stock on your website, and it also prevents back ordering issues, and messy situations. Start a Free Trial today!

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